Winners 2016/17

The Ralph Smith Audio Visual Trophy.......................Brenda Stone
The Premier Trophy..................................................Tony Collinson
The Exclusive Trophy.................................................Phill Brady
The Roger Price Trophy.............................................TBA
Doug Mackrell Trophy................................................Bryan Stubbs

RPS Great Yorkshire AV Day - Sunday 19th November 2017

Please note our venue is Leeds Trinity University, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HD
Starting time 10.30 am

Download your booking form here and for more information contact Bryan Stubbs

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RPS AV Day Trinity University Sunday 19th November 2017 starting at 10.30

RPS AV Day Trinity University Sunday1 9th November starting at 10.30
James Hamill ARPS
I first became interested in AV when I went to a NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) AV Festival in 1990.  This was, of course, in the days of slide/tape sequences and I was fascinated by the magic of dissolving images - beautiful, fleeting images on screen produced by simply merging slides.  I soon learnt that it wasn’t quite so simple to produce a good, pleasing AV sequence, but my first effort was one called “Hidden Mournes” and it won the beginners’ section the following year.  It was a series of slides, using three different pieces of music and no script, about the Mourne Mountains.  

Since then, with help, hints and advice from attending AV workshop days over the years, I have made a variety of sequences and had success in competitions. I have won the NIPA AV Festival twelve times, gained my ARPS, won awards in the All Ireland competition, the IAC Peter Coles, RPS National and International Festivals - I won the FICS medal for creative use of sound in 2014 and won the gold medal at the Great Northern Festival in 2016.

This success always surprises me because I don’t make a sequence specifically for competition. Making an AV is a creative process through which I try to express myself and my feelings, something personal that I can then share with other people. Competitions, however, are often the spur to urge me to get down to making something and to doing it to the best of my ability.

I will show you some of my AVs and explain why and how I made them - where the ideas came from - how the images, sound and script all evolved over time - all my AVs seem to “evolve” in the making. I will show a variety of sequences about the mountains; where I live; my travels; humorous ones and a special one that our local minister wanted me to make for her with her great uncle’s photographs of the immediate aftermath of WW1. A variety I hope you will enjoy - and enjoyment is what we should all have from pursuing our hobby of creating AVs.

The meeting starts at 10.30 with attendees’ sequences. This is your chance to show off your work and get some kind, helpful comments on improving it or maybe just saying how wonderful it is. This is always an important and enjoyable part of our day so please bring along your AVs.
To help us with the organisation of this session please try to send your AV sequence in advance to Tony Collinson using DropBox or a CD through the post. DropBox is a free download from
Tony’s email address is and his postal address is
8 Brownberrie Drive, Leeds, LS18 5PP.
If it is not possible to send it in advance because you are working on it until the night before, bring it with you as usual  but please book it in as usual on the booking form.
We will break for lunch about 13.00 and James will speak to us from 14.00 until about 16.45  or so with a break for tea/coffee at about 15.00.

Leeds Trinity University is located in Brownberrie Lane,  Horsforth LS18 5HD.
Here is a link to their website on how to find them:
If anyone needs more information please contact me.
There is plenty of free car parking available on site and our meeting will be held in the Auditorium and Conference suite. This is situated through the main Reception Area. ( Nos 13 and 14 on the campus map. )
Please arrive by 10.00 if possible and have a cup of tea/coffee and a chat before the meeting starts at 10.30.

Lunch Arrangements.
Our team of helpers will again be organising the lunch.
We will be providing sandwiches similar to last time together with a small pork pie, packet of crisps, fruit and chocolate biscuit and drinks of tea/coffee/orange juice.
This is all available at the bargain price of £5. You may of course bring your own lunch if you wish.
Tea/Coffee during the day.
Tea/Coffee will be provided from 10.00 before the meeting and tea/coffee and biscuits in the afternoon as part of the registration fee which is at present held at £10 for RPS AV Group members and £12 for non members.
Dinner Possibilities.
I have not included a carvery option this time.  If this is a problem for you and you desperately want to eat in the student’s dining room, let me know and I will arrange it but it will not appear on the booking form.
There are several restaurants/pubs in Horsforth and nearby where you could have a meal. The internet will provide all the necessary information, or ask me.