Welcome To Leeds AV Group Now Meeting On Zoom Until Further Notice


About us

Leeds AV Group promotes interest in producing Audio-Visual sequences using today's digital technology. The prime activity is to encourage and develop skills in the digital audio-visual medium. Our members are actively involved in audio-visual work and there is a vast amount of experience available to anyone joining the group. If you are interested then please get in touch via our contacts page. You will be made most welcome.

What is AV

A-V or Audio-Visual is the name given to presentations where projected pictures and music or words are combined together to tell a story, evoke a mood or explain something. It is an art form that lies between still photography and movie making. For many years it was known as "slide-tape" because people linked projected slides with soundtracks on tape. That tradition continues but in recent years people have migrated to use digital photographs and computers to create their shows, or sequences, as they are known. There is a large community of enthusiasts in Britain with strong links to similar groups in Europe where it is often referred to as "Diaporama". Leeds has a long tradition of excellence in this art.

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