Leeds AV Group Syllabus 2023/2024

2023 Events
1st September Welcome evening What's On Hosted by WAVG
8th September
Archive Evening
Welcome back to the new season with a dip into the group archives in the company of Tim. Joint meeting with WAVG
15th September 321 Top 20 An excellent opportunity to see the of the best 321 AV entries. Hosted by WAVG
22nd September

AV Basics

An introduction to AV making with Dave & Tim and a workshop to develop some written guidance for new members. Joint meeting with WAVG
29th Septemebr No Meeting
30th/31st September RPS International AV Festival (Bristol) See the RPS website for details of this event.  
6th October Music, Poetry and Song Challenge Our first challenge of the year - AV's inspired by Music, Poetry and song (or all three!) Submission deadline 12 noon Wednesday 4th Joint meeting with WAVG
13th October A chat evening - Workshop 1 - How to do it   LAVG/WAVG
20th October AI in AV Artificial Intelligence is cropping up everywhere these days, and now it's entering the world of AV. Mark is bringing us upto date with developments and possibilities. Joint meeting with WAVG
27th October Guest Speaker -Cathy Fordham   Hosted by WAVG
3rd November Advisory evening A chance to share new sequences or work in progress for friendly feedback and advice. Submission deadline 12 noon Wednesday 1st LAVG
10th November How I Made It   WAVG
17th November Judith Kimber - Music and Mood in AV One of the new stars of the AV world, Judith Kimber (FRPS,MPAGB/AV) will be sharing her thoughts on AV soundtracks, which in her case she writes and performs herself! Joint meeting with WAVG
19th November Great Yorkshire AV Day at Trinity University in Horsforth Details to follow All welcome
24th November 1 Minute Callenge   Hosted by WAVG
1st-3rd November Great Northern AV Festival - Manchester See the GNF 2023 website

John Smith
Jill Bunting

8th Decemebr 9-5 Minute Challenge Adrian presents an evening of longer AV's by LAVG Members of beteween 5 and 9 minutes. Submission deadline 12 noon Wednesday 6th Joint meeting with WAVG
15th December Christamas Quizz LAVG
Competition WAVG
Our annual LAVG Christmas Quizz with your host Tony LAVG/WAVG
22nd December Christmas Break - No Meeting  
9th December New Year - No Meeting  
2024 Events
5th January Adisory Evening A chance to share new sequences or work in progress for friendly feedback and advice. Submission deadline 12 noon Wednesday 3rd LAVG
12th January January Guest Speaker - TBA Hosted by WAVG
19th January

321 Competition
The annual LAVG competition for the Doug Mackrell Trophy. Sequences of no longer than 3mins and 21 secs. Scored on the night by both LAVG and WAVG members. Submission deadline 12 noon Wednesday 17th Joint meeting with WAVG
26th January A chat evening - Workshop 1 - How to do it   LAVG/WAVG
2nd February Improving a sequence - Demo Mark will be deconstructing one of Tim's AV's and demonstrating how it can be improved. What will the remix look like? Joint meeting with WAVG
9th February One image challenge Hosted by WAVG
16th February AV advice workshop
AN opportuniy to learn new skills and techniques in AV making from Tony. PTE Photoshop Reaper DaVinci Joint meeting with WAVG
23rd February Critique evening WAVG
1st March 3 Way Battle Our annual 3 way AV battle with Essex and Worcester. Scored by the LAVG Committee Joint meeting with WAVG
8th March Guest Speaker TBA Hosted by WAVG
9th-10th March IAC Peter Coles International Zoom
15th March AV Exchange Evening Our annual AV exchange with East Midlands AV Group and Beacon Camera Club Joint meeting with WAVG
22nd March AV chat evening(+break-out rooms)   LAVG/WAVG
29th March Good Friday - No Meeting
5th April Keith Scott - My Way with AV Keith delves into his personal AV treasure trove to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for AV Joint meeting with WAVG
12th April IAC BiAFF - Birmingham WAVG possibly on Zoom
14th April Great Yorkshire AV Day at Trinity University in Horsforth Details to follow All Welcome
26th April Challenge 321 UK Judging (&on 27th) Live judging over 2 nights of the 2024 International Competition Hosted by WAVG
3rd May 5 Image Challenge Mark presents an evening of AV using an almost entirely randon selection of images submitted by LAVG Members! Joint meeting with WAVG
10th May

LAVG Annual Dinner
Held at lunchtime.

This will again be a lunchtime event where we look forward to meeting up with as many members as are able to join us. A great meal not to be missed All members welcome
10th May 4-Way Battle A 4-Way battle etween Adelaide, Exmouth Wantage and Wilmslow. Scored by WAVG Members Hosted by WAVG
17th May Top 10 things to improve your photography The Summer is almost upon us, so Mark is bringing up his thoughts on ways to enhance your photographs. Joint meeting with WAVG
24th May Annual Competition Invitations to be issued to outside groups.
An external judge TBA
Hosted by WAVG
31st May Annual General Meeting Our seperate AGM's LAVG/WAVG
7th May Showcase The LAVG Showcase Event - A selection of recent sequences made by members (External Judge) Joint meeting with WAVG

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